Join as an investor

Are you an investor with the following qualifications.

1. An individual who is a U.K. resident or a U.K. company that wants to invest in buying and selling cars.

2. Make reasonable offers on the cars being offered within 24 hours.

3. Have funds available to buy cars within your set budgets within 48 hours.

How it works

In future all people adding cars will have to options to post adds.

  • a. Post them as regular adds for all memebers
  • b.Or post them for an initial period for 5 to 7 days for investors only. After which the add will automatically be displayed on the main site if no offer from investors is accepted.
  • c.When a person posts an add for investors to materialise a quick sale. An email will be sent to all investor for new offer as per their preference.
  • d. Only first five bids will be forwarded to the seller, who will contact the investor directly.
  • e. If a deal is made between the seller and the investor, then the add will be removed.
  • f. If no deal can be made, then the add will go live on our website for general public for a preapproved period.

You will get a chance to buy cars that are offered for investment on our portal.

Sounds good!

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